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株式会社ニューピースは、Discord を活用したブランド・マーケティング施策を対象に、既存の顧客データを加味した統合的なデータ分析・検証を支援するサービスの提供をスタートします。

弊社は多数のブランド・マーケティングの戦略立案や企画運用支援と並行して、2,000以上のサーバーに導入され200万人以上のデータを収集・分析するソフトウェア「comcom Analytics」の開発・運営および、大規模データを活用した Discord活性分析サービスを提供してきました。

昨今、Starbucks、Samsung、CASIO、NIKE(Swoosh)など、 ブランド・マーケティング施策としてDiscord を活用するケースが増えていますが、成果を正しく最大化するためには、マーケティング戦略と連動した指標設計、顧客IDとDiscordアカウントを連携して分析できるデータ環境の設計が必要です。一方、必要な知見はソフトウェア開発、マーケティング、Discord 運営まで多岐に渡るため、自社でリソースをすべてまかなうことは負荷が高いのも事実です。


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NEWPEACE Inc. is launching a service that supports integrated data analysis and verification tailored to brand marketing strategies using Discord, taking into account existing customer data. Alongside numerous strategic planning and operational support for brand marketing, we have developed and operated "comcom Analytics," a software installed in over 2,000 servers, collecting and analyzing data from more than 2 million individuals. We also provide Discord activity analysis services utilizing large-scale data.

Recently, the use of Discord in brand marketing strategies by companies like Starbucks, Samsung, CASIO, and NIKE (Swoosh) has been increasing. However, to maximize outcomes effectively, it's essential to design metrics in conjunction with marketing strategies and create a data environment that can analyze customer IDs linked with Discord accounts. On the other hand, the necessary expertise spans software development, marketing, and Discord management, making it challenging for companies to cover all these areas with their resources.

Leveraging our unique capabilities, we officially start offering a one-stop service that supports everything from metric selection, data environment design and construction, to monitoring.

For inquiries, please use the contact form below:
Contact Form: https://forms.gle/uw4TeicDnx9sUst46

Service Overview
For those already implementing Discord strategies:
Our project team will participate in hearings with your marketing strategy, policy, developers, and team. We will then design the necessary metrics, data pipelines including our data, the ID mapping process, and develop a response plan, implementing as needed. Please feel free to consult us.

Consultation for the service:

For those considering strategies using Discord:
We have multiple operating partners, from Discord operation professionals to Web3 strategy experts, allowing us to make comprehensive proposals even for vague requirements. Please do not hesitate to consult us.

Partner Companies (Example)
V Inc. (https://v-inc.jp/company)
A company specialized in Discord management, with several Discord Partners, a title held by only about 100 people in Japan. V Inc. has a track record of operating the largest user communities in Japan for titles such as "VALORANT," "Roblox," and "VRChat," with a total community size exceeding 100,000 people. For more details, please refer to this release.