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comcom Analytics のアップデート内容をお知らせします。


comcom Analytics のアップデート情報をウェブサイトでも公開





10,000人以上でも csv エクスポート
サーバー負荷の都合上、10,000人以上メンバーが存在するコミュニティでは csv エクスポートの機能を制限しておりましたが、ついに(!)エクスポート可能になりました。
10,000人以上の場合、csv に記載されるデータの上限は9,999人になってしまいますが、気兼ねなくいつでもエクスポートしていただくことが可能です。


ついにSlack でもチャンネル詳細機能を公開しました。各チャンネル内で発言が多いメンバーの情報や、どの割合のメンバーが投稿しているのかなどを確認することが可能です。

※ 各機能の詳細については ヘルプページ サポートサーバー(Discord)をご確認ください!


I'd like to inform you about the updates to comcom Analytics.


Updates for comcom Analytics now available on the website

In order to communicate the updates to a wider audience, we have decided to include the update details on our website. We hope this will be helpful not only for those who are already using our services, but also for those who are considering it.


Comparison of Activity Rates and More

A new feature has been added to the hashtag comparison function. You can now compare the ratios of "Active Members," "Message Contributors," and "Reaction Participants" on a daily and weekly basis.

By comparing with similar communities, it's possible to gain a broader understanding of the community's status.

Our engineers are working hard to speed up the process, so please look forward to it!

Survey Editing

Communities evolve and change over time. Now you can modify the hashtags you entered during registration and the reward system to adapt to these changes. Please feel free to adjust them flexibly in response to your community's evolution.

You can make these adjustments on the "Settings" page.

CSV Export for Communities with 10,000 or More Members

Due to server load considerations, the CSV export function was restricted for communities with more than 10,000 members. However, we're excited to announce that you can finally (!) export CSV files for these larger communities.

For communities with over 10,000 members, the limit for data in the CSV file is 9,999 members. Nonetheless, you can now export data at your convenience.


Channel Insights Feature

We have finally released the Channel Insights feature on Slack. This feature allows you to view information about members who contribute the most to each channel and the proportion of members contributing.

Statistical Information

We display statistical information that might be useful for community management. This includes scatter plots of message and reaction counts, as well as trends in various metrics.

For more detailed information about each feature, please refer to the Docs or our Support Server (Discord)!